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Steel Constructive System
Flat Pack Home & Shelter kit


Anti-termite.  Anti-corrosion.  Anti-intrusion.
Economic. Easy to install.


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Download: HABITAPACK Brochure


An economic pre-engineered flat pack home kit. Made of an anti-termite steel structure and structural insulated panels, this system is easy to install. The galvanized steel roof top and prefinished structural panels are corrosion-resistant and prevent degradation. The internal wall divisions act as partitions and load-bearing walls capable of withstanding strong winds and earthquakes.


This system offers a durable housing solution with base floor, steel door, PVC and glass windows. It also provides an anti-intrusion living area, separate bedrooms and toilet/shower stall for the occupiers.


This compact and light steel housing solution has been developped to withstand adverse weather conditions, strong winds and earthquakes and improve the living standards of communities and displaced populations around the world. Private and evolutive, this concept can also form part of a more permanent alternative to individual home living. This concept encourages the active participation of local work force in the installation processes.



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