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Emergency Shelter - 18 m2
Wood frame Home & Shelter kit


Extreme winds. Hurricanes. Earthquakes.
Sturdy. Long-lasting. Ready-to-install.





- 18 square meters  (3.66 meters x 4.88 meters [12 feet x 16 feet]

- a core house with common living area

- can accomodate up to 5 persons

- can be set up in 1 day by 3 workers

- can withstand Category 4 hurricanes depending on the version chosen

- arge production capacity

- easy and cost-effective to ship



Quick and easy to set up

Bolting system allows for easy set-up in one day with three workers. No special equipment required. A level, ratchet and hammer are the only tools needed to set up and dismantle the house. All components can be carried by hand. Quick and easy to dismantle and move to another location.


Resistant to adverse weather conditions and earthquakes

Designed to withstand up to Category 4 hurricanes (wind speeds of up to 251 km/h).

Low inertial mass for resisting major earthquakes.



Four different types of anchors adapting to a wide range of soil conditions.

Since several panels are interchangeable, door and window locations can be varied.



Pressure-treated against termites and mould.



Possibility of easily incorporating other components (additional rooms or sanitary facilities). Designed to form part of longer-term housing solution.


Environmentally friendly materials

Wood is low in embodied energy. It is produced naturally and requires far less energy than other building materials. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The wood used is FSC or PEFC-certified to ensure it comes from a sustainable source.


Involvement of local labour

Training offered to workers and the local population to encourage their active participation in the construction process.





Uses simple materials.

Designed to be comfortable in a wide range of extreme weather conditions.

Meets international specifications and standards.

Easily maintained by occupants.

Possibility for the occupants to personnalize the house

Possibility of insulating and adding finishing materials.

Optional awning for extended outdoor living space.

Optional rainwater harvesting system.


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