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Villages & Communities


Villages & Communities

Connecting people to places


Strategic habitat developments
We believe everybody should be entitled to decent housing and proper living standards. For this reason, we have developped low cost and affordable housing solutions to compensate for inadequate housing, housing deficits and decades of failure to address housing problems and overcrowding.


By delivering existing housing solutions, adapting or designing new ones to suit projects’ specifications, we can help create secure residential housing projects, design new urban landscapes and improve communities’ living standards. Small & large scale housing projects, we aim to provide access to housing for lower income groups and better housing opportunities for the greatest lot.



For specifiers:

Local authorities, public/state state housing depts & urban planners

Municipal, district, street office administration (private and public)

NGO, Housing aid organisation, Local government

Real estate Developers & Investors



Our services:

We can provide design, manufacturing and project management services for customized building projects.


* in Canada


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