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Camps and Shelters

Emergency solutions and Humanitarian aid


Makeshift shelters, schools, hospitals,  dispensaries, clinics and more
It is believe there are approx. 45 millions displaced people worldwide. Of this number, 80 percent are women and children. In the past year alone, approx. 7 million people were driven from their homes due to conflicts. Each day roughly 20,000 people seek refuge.  Most residents of these camp facilities depend on external financial aid for survival.


Global warming and natural disasters can also profoundly affect populations and everyday lives. In the midst of adversity, relocation and reconstruction can present significant challenges to public and non public authorities as well as displaced communities. Whether it is in response to an emergency or to keep up with fast and sudden population movement or growth, our solutions propose quick building solutions to easily set up makeshift amenity or temporary, semi-temporary or permanent community housing. They can also become a dormitory, an office, a headquarter, a portable clinic or school, a studio as well as many more applications that require flexibility and loads of efficiency.



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